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                 dinner from 6:30 pm  film @ 7.30 pm 
JAN   Heavenly Creatures
FEB   A Fish called Wanda
MAR   Rear Window
APR   Secretary
MAY  Lost in Translation
JUN   Down by Law
JUL   Under Suspicion
AUG  Road to Nhill
SEP  Wings of Desire
OCT  Chocolat
NOV  The Accidental Tourist
DEC  Galaxy Quest

JAN  Easy Rider
FEB  Goldfinger
MAR  Blue Velvet
APR  Being John Malkovich
MAY   Dersu Uzala
JUN  The player
JUL  Wake in Fright
AUG   Cosi
SEP   The English Patient
OCT  A Touch of Spice
NOV  Requiem for a Dream
DEC  Sleeper

JAN     Soylent Green
FEB     Notorious
MAR   The Shining
APR     Best in Show
MAY    Panís Labyrinth
JUN    The Last Picture Show
JULY   The Usual Suspects
AUG    Don Juan Demarco
SEP    The Illusioniste
OCT   Sumptuous Shorts
NOV   Kite Runner
DEC    All That Jazz

JAN   The Sapphires
FEB   Beasts of the Southern Wild
MAR  Searching for Sugarman
APR   The World's Fastest Indian
MAY   The Master
JUN   Silver Linings Playbook
JUL    Life of Pi 
AUG   A Separation
SEP   In Bruges
OCT   Raising Arizona & The Big Lebowski
NOV   Rust and Bone
DEC   The Party

FEB  Nashville
MAR  Annie Hall
APR  Diva
MAY  The Maltese Falcon
JUN  The Third Man
JUL  Navigator
AUG  To Kill a Mockingbird
SEP  Klute
OCT  Bicycle Thieves
NOV  Heat
DEC  Nosferatu/Night Mail

JAN  Harold & Maude
FEB  Forbidden Planet
MAR  Australian Dream
APR  Wages of Fear
MAY  Le Grand Illusion
JUN  The Crying Game
JUL  Kind Hearts & Coronets
AUG  Lagaan
SEP  Harvey
OCT  Funny Face
NOV  Mr Hulotís Holiday
DEC  Chicago

JAN  Shawshank Redemption
FEB  The Rains Came
MAR  McCabe and Mrs Miller
APR  Life of Brian
MAY  Fahrenheit 451
JUN  This is Spinal Tap
JUL  Vertigo
AUG  Hercules Returns
SEP  Molokai
OCT  Apocalypse Now
NOV  Fitzcarraldo
DEC  Dr Strangelove

JAN  La Dolce Vita
FEB  Beautiful People
MAR  One Giant Leap
APR  City of Lost Children
MAY  Zorba the Greek
JUN  Psycho
JUL  Spirited Away + Seven Samurai
AUG  Bollywood
SEP  Pink Panther + Being There
OCT  Like Water for Chocolate
NOV  Atalante
DEC  The Producers

JAN  2001: A Space Odyssey
FEB  Citizen Kane
MAR  Donít Look Now
APR  Brazil
MAY  Year of Living Dangerously
JU  North by Northwest
JUL  Rebel Without a Cause
AUG  The Yes Men
SEP  A Streetcar Named Desire
OCT  Babetteís Feast
NOV  Carravaggio
DEC  Rocky Horror Show

JAN   Monsoon Wedding
FEB   Cinema Paradiso
MAR  Night on Earth
APR   Dangerous Liaisons
MAY  Spotswood
JUN   Network
JUL    Bedazzled
AUG  The Weeping Camel
SEP  Blood Simple
OCT  Tampopo
NOV  Il Postino
DEC  Monty Python and the Holy Grail

JAN  Monsoon Wedding 2
FEB    Satin Rouge
MAR    Dingo
APR  Getting Square
MAY Graduate
JUN  Mulholland Drive
JUL  Midnight Cowboy
AUG   Amelie
SEP  Mostly Martha
OCT  O Brother where art thou?
NOV    Ran
DEC  Blues Brothers

JAN   Magnolia
FEB   Departures
MAR  Moonrise Kingdom
APR   Frances Ha
MAY  American Hustle
JUN   Short Cuts
JUL    Nebraska
AUG   Muscle Shoals
SEP   The Grand Budapest Hotel
OCT   Shorts 2
NOV   Broken Circle Breakdown
DEC   The Lunchbox
JAN    Charlie's Country
FEB    The Guard
MAR   Paper Moon
APR   Memento
MAY  Almost Famous
JUN   Dark horse
JUL    Whiplash
AUG  Birdman
SEP  Tokyo Story
OCT  Australia's Funniest Shorts
NOV The Salt of the Earth
DEC  What we do in the Shadows
JAN   Pride
FEB   Far From Men
MAR  Love and Mercy
APR   Ex Machina
MAY  Last Cab to Darwin
JUN   About Elly
JUL   The Lady in the Van
AUG  Hail, Caesar
SEP  Spotlight
OCT  Curfew
NOV  Rams
DEC  Hunt for the Wilderpeople
JAN     Bridge of Spies
FEB    Chasing Ice
MAR   Captain Fantastic
APR    Embrace of the Serpent
MAY   La La Land
JUN    Paterson
JUL    Young Frankenstein
AUG   Closely Watched Trains
SEP    Get Out
OCT   The Gunfighter (short)
NOV   Whiteley
DEC    Lion
JAN   Burn Burn Burn  
FEB   Nine Queens
MAR  Eight Days a Week
APR   The Big Sick
MAY  The Man Who Wasn't There
JUN   The Disaster Artist
JUL    3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri
AUG   Film Stars Don't die in Liverpool
SEP    The Shape of Water
OCT   Chef
NOV   Foxtrot
DEC    Midnight Oil 1984
JAN   Blade Runner
FEB   Peaceful Times
MAR   Bright Star
APR    As it is in Heaven
MAY    Some Like it Hot
JUN     Le Havre
JUL    Children of Men
AUG   This Must be the Place
SEP   The Big Sleep
OCT   Big Night
NOV   Shaun of the Dead
DEC   Hugo

JAN   Lady Bird  
FEB   I, Tonya
MAR  BlackKklansman
APR   Sweet Country
MAY  Can You Ever Forgive Me?
JUN   Shoplifters
JUL    Jirga
AUG   My Neighbour Totoro
SEP    Woman at War
OCT   Woodstock
NOV   The Favourite
DEC    Thor: Ragnarok

JAN   Rocketman
FEB   Parasite
MAR  The Farewell

OCT   Sing Street
DEC   Laurel Canyon


JAN   Portrait of a Lady on Fire
FEB   Nashville
MAR  BabyTeeth
APR   La Belle Epoque
MAY  Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang
JUN   Another Round
JUL    Nomadland
AUG  Paris, Texas